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Crockett’s Breakfast Camp Review

Crockett's Breakfast Camp, Gatlinburg, TN

Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Crockett’s Breakfast Camp came highly recommended by multiple people as a must-do on any trip to the Smoky Mountains. Well, certainly not one to buck the system (ahem, sometimes) I decided that I must-do this delicious breakfast. The idea of the giant cinnamon roll may have helped to convince me. 


Located on the main Parkway through Gatlinburg, it is on the right side of the road if you are headed towards the Smoky Mountains (away from Pigeon Forge). It’s not hard to spot the place thanks to the giant cast iron skillet sign and large water tower.  However, if you are afraid of missing it, it is almost to the end of town at the entrance to the Smoky Mountains on Highway 441. 

A word of caution, if you are not staying in Gatlinburg during your trip, you can count on problems parking. There are no good parking options for a quick meal unless you are at least planning to spend the day in the city. There are parking lots where you can pay to park but if you’re just eating breakfast, it can be costly to park there for a short time. I did manage to luck out and found a spot to park near the restaurant so I didn’t have to pay for parking. 

Another concern when going to eat is the wait. If you know you are planning to eat at this restaurant, I would highly recommend getting on the waiting list before you even head out, or at least check and see how long the wait is. On the day we planned to go, the wait was 45 minutes to an hour. We expected this and got on the list when we left our Airbnb. By the time we arrived, we barely had to wait. I wasn’t sure how long it would take as there were lots of people standing around outside, but we were seated before most of them since we had already been on the list. A simple check-in let the staff know we arrived  and were ready for our table. 

The adorable restaurant decor set the mood. The building itself looked like an old logging camp with the water tower and the wooden shingles. Inside the restaurant, the rustic decorations continued with a faux post office and railroad station. 

For a busy restaurant, it’s nice to find friendly staff and fast service, which is exactly what we received here. The menu is provided in the form of a newspaper and there are plenty of options to choose from. It was moderately priced at about $10-$15 per plate. Depending on what you order, I’m sure you could do it cheaper if you wanted. 

Gatlinburg TN

The food itself was okay. I really didn’t find anything that special about it. The eggs and sausage were no better than anything I would have got at an IHOP. The potatoes were lukewarm. But, it wasn’t the worst breakfast I’d ever had either. 

Gatlinburg TN

I was more excited to try the cinnamon rolls. We ordered one to share and saved it for last. Boy, were we disappointed. It was cold and hard. I really expected it to be a warm cinnamon roll. It was large, I won’t deny that. But the way everyone went on about them, I thought they would be melt in your mouth, fresh from the oven, warm cinnamon rolls. Nope. That’s not what we got. I don’t know if it was just me or what, but it was not my idea of the best. 


I’m not saying the food was bad. It was a perfectly fine, edible breakfast. But, for the cost, I could have had a nice bowl of cereal or cooked some eggs at my Airbnb and been just as happy and satisfied for a whole lot less. 


If you want to go there for the experience, then by all means, have a great time. It was a pleasant atmosphere to sit and enjoy a meal. If you’re going for the great food, well I’m hoping that my experience wasn’t normal and yours will be much better. Apparently, other people have had much better experiences than I did. Check out their Trip Advisor page here


If you’ve been to this restaurant before, I’d love to hear how your experiences have been. Were your cinnamon rolls warm? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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Gatlinburg, TN
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