Sorry for my Absence

Hello everyone! This is just a quick update to let you know why I have been silent for a little while. I am a healthcare worker and I have been having to test people for COVID-19. I am working extra hours and seeing more patients at this time, so when I am off I am too tired to really put any brainpower into a good blog post.

Hopefully, I can get some posts written and uploaded soon, but for now, it does not appear that the rush of this virus is going to let up in the near future. Please remember to take this virus seriously. It is highly contagious, and even if you are young and healthy, it can cause you serious problems. You can also transmit it to loved ones and not even realize you are sick.

At first, I also thought that this was being blown out of proportion, but after seeing it firsthand, I now realize how inaccurate that was. Protect yourself and those you care about! You only get one life, lets try not to cut it short.

Lot’s of love to you all out there probably going stir crazy in this time. I understand completely! Now is a good time to be planning your next adventure!

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