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Travel Quote: Travel Makes You Richer

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” is one of my favorite all-time travel quotes. I truly believe it. I have been learning a lot lately about myself and my life, and I’ve come to realize that I’ve been wasting my money on useless junk for so long that it’s only made me miserable and broke.

I don’t feel richer because I have more stuff. I don’t feel happier. What I do feel is burdened. I have to clean it and take care of it. It gets in my way and I have to find places to put it. It’s just stuff that I thought I wanted or needed at the time, and now I realize that I rarely even use most of it. It’s just taking up space in my home.

Travel is a different story. I get something more out of it than just stuff. I get experiences and memories. I get a feeling of freedom and joy when I get to go somewhere new. Those experiences are what make me feel richer. I don’t even waste my time buying souvenirs. If I do buy anything, it’s not something cheap that’s made in some other country. It’s something handmade right there in the location I’m visiting. I prefer the only thing I leave with are memories and pictures.

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