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Travelon Anti-theft Purse Review

This blog post will share my review of the Travelon Anti-theft crossbody purse. I hope this provides helpful information for you in your travel experiences.

Last year traveling to Europe was the first time I’ve ever stayed in a foreign country. Not knowing what to expect, I researched information about the country, watched you tube videos, and read blogs for months before my trip. As a result, I learned that pick pockets were a common issue in the places that I would be traveling. 

In order to protect myself and my property, I decided to purchase an anti-theft purse from Travelon. I chose the Travelon Anti-theft classic slim cross-body purse shown below (this one is a newer model, I will explain the differences later in this post).


The Travelon anti-theft purses are designed to help protect you from pickpockets and other thieves who try to steal from you while you are on vacation. Well trained thieves know how to target and distract you so that they can easily steal your belongings. This purse makes it harder for them to complete their plans. 

The first thing that I like about this particular purse is that it is a crossbody purse, meaning the I can put it across my body and not have to worry about holding on to it while I am walking. My hands are free to do what I want without having to hold on the the purse itself. Personally, this makes it easier for me to explore and look around my surroundings. I don’t have to worry about dropping my purse or set it down to pay and have someone grab it or leave it behind on accident. 

One of the great elements of this purse is the clips connected to the zipper which allows you to clip the zipper shut so it is not easily opened. This way a pick pocket may decide to move on and target some other person because you have made it harder for them to do their “job”. The zipper has to be unclipped before it can be opened which takes longer and is probably not worth the time for them to waste when they can go after someone who doesn’t have this safety feature on their bag. 

Locking main zipper

My model is an older version, so the two front zippers do not lock. I solved this problem by turning the front of the purse towards my body. However, the newer model does have the locking front zippers which is a nice addition to the product.

Front of purse with two zippers

The purse also features slash resistant materials to help prevent damage from someone using a knife to try to cut the material open or slash the straps in order to free it from the body. There are metal rods inside the straps that make it harder for a knife to cut through it easily. There are also metal mesh panels inside the body of the purse itself to prevent easy cutting of the material. 

Locking clasp on purse strap

The inside compartment of the purse features a zippered compartment that is RFID blocking.  The compartment is large enough to hold a passport and other items. The newer purses have several card slots and a passport slot that allows the wearer to keep their credit/debit cards and passport protected inside. The slots are RFID blocking to help protect the cards from being scanned from the outside, a method many thieves have used to obtain credit card information. If the cards are kept in the slots created for them, it will help block the scanners from being able to collect this information. 

Inside RFID zipper pocket

All in all, there are many great features that are provided on this purse to help prevent theft and loss. I wore this purse daily for two weeks as we traveled between Paris, London, and Rome. There were many places where I could have easily been a target of theft. I felt like the obvious tourist. Standing in many crowded locations throughout the cities, I found myself subject to many people who brushed into me, at least accidentally, and could have easily tried to steal from me.

There were many individuals trying to sell their wares and were often very pushy (and touchy). I don’t know if anyone tried to steal or not, but I can say that they would have had a hard time with the closeness of the purse to my body and the other safety features that the purse includes. Luckily, I avoided any theft. 

One of the downsides of the purse is that, due to the safety features, the straps were a bit thicker than I would have liked. Although, this is not something that would prevent me from buying it again. The security, I felt, far outweighed that one dislike.

For the rest of the purse, I was very happy with it. The size of the compartments and the locking ability were nice. Once I used it several times, I became a pro at locking and unlocking it. It was certainly sturdy and the price was very reasonable, as far as I am concerned. Amazon lists it currently at only $30. Not bad for any purse, but for one with this much security, I think that is an exceptional value. It also has 4.5 stars out of over 600 reviews, so apparently I’m not the only one who likes it. 

No, it’s not anything exceptionally beautiful or stylish, but that’s not what I was going for. I chose to purchase the black purse which goes with most everything, but it does come in other colors if you wish.  There are also other styles if the cross body is not what you prefer. My daughter purchased one in a different style and she liked it, as well. There are plenty of other styles and options to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences. You can check some out here… travelon anti-theft purse

Have you used an anti-theft purse or other anti-theft devices to protect your belongings in a foreign country, or even locally? What do you think? I’d love to hear your stories and comments.

If you are interested in other reviews I’ve completed, please check out here and here. I try to provide an honest opinion of my experiences in my reviews, some may be good, while others not so much so. These are just my opinions and your experiences may be different. If you have had a different experience, I’d love to hear about it, as well.

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  • Linda

    I enjoyed your review about the Travelon Anti-theft purse. I wondered as you were describing the safety lock features if it was too clumsy trying to unlock to purchase items. When you stated that after a few times you were a pro using it I decided it was a good design. Thank you for your review. I would certainly consider buying one if I travel.

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