Why travel?

What travel means to me…

Travel is one of the most important dreams in my life. I would give up many of the comforts in life if it meant that I could travel more. But, many people do not understand why I feel this way. They look at me like I’m crazy and wonder “Why travel?” Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll tell you…

All of my life, traveling has been a source of pleasure and enjoyment. When I was a child, my grandparents went on vacation every year, and they would take one of the grandkids with them. I was so excited when it was my turn to go. I’ll never forget the anticipation leading up to the trip. I thought it would never arrive. That is a feeling I have carried with me all my life. I still face it today when I plan a vacation for the future. Will it ever get here? I’m like a kid in a candy store. I want it all and I want it now! 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for most of us to have it all. So, we settle for short spurts once a year, if we are lucky. Many people never go on vacation. Those of us who do, look forward to it all year long as we wait for the blessed day to arrive. We plan it. Where are we going to go this year? How can I make the most of my money and get the best trip possible? 

When I was younger, I wanted to cram in as much sightseeing as possible. I didn’t want to miss a thing. I would spend my week rushing from one activity to another, thinking I only had one shot at this vacation so I’d better fit it all in. I’d go home more tired than when I left, but I didn’t care. I enjoyed myself, that was all that mattered.

As I have gotten older, my tastes have changed. I no longer wish to cram in everything that I possibly can, instead I prefer a more slow, relaxed vacation. I still want to see the world, but I don’t want to return to work more tired than when I left. 

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I’ve also learned that everything I tried to cram into my trips wasn’t worth my time. I’m better off picking the best activities or excursions and leaving out some that may not be for me. I’m not an adventure traveler. I don’t want to bungee jump off of a cliff or jump out of an airplane. I’m not going to ride a bike down the side of a mountain anytime soon. What I am going to do is take my time and see the sights. I would love to immerse myself in the local culture and experience what it would be like to live in that beautiful location. I want to eat authentic food; take their transportation. I’m not going to head to the first chain restaurant that I know.

Time has changed things…

I’m getting older, and more tired, as the years go by. I’ve worked, put myself through college, raised my daughter, and lived most of my life locally, only dreaming of faraway places. When I did get to go, I didn’t do it right. Yes, I enjoyed myself and made some wonderful memories. But, I missed out on a lot, because I rushed through where I went to get to the next place. I only got snippets, not the full experience, which caused me to miss out on some important things by doing that. I want to go back and experience more, but to do that, I would have to give up a trip elsewhere. If I had done it right in the first place, I wouldn’t feel as if I missed something. 

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By simply choosing the most important activities, I can get a full experience and not miss out on something that was only ho-hum. I’ve learned a lot in my life so far. I’ve learned that I’ve been doing it wrong all along. Now is the time to change that. 

I believe life is about learning. If we don’t learn anything, we never move forward. We stay stuck in the same mindset we’ve had our whole lives. To me, that would be the worst thing in the world. 

What I’ve learned…

So, if you want to know why traveling is so important to me, this is why. It provides me with…

  • Memories
    • I get to make memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. In my opinion, memories are what life’s all about.
  • New Experiences (that I could never get at home)
    • While I enjoy all the luxuries that home provides, it’s hard to have new experiences there. I’ve seen it all so many times that it’s not exciting to me anymore. 
  • An open mind (about new cultures and customs)
    • If you don’t have an open mind, you miss out on so many wonderful people and places in this world. Everyone has their own story and every place has a history. Discovering that can help teach us lessons about life and the world around us. 
  • Freedom to do my own thing
    • The ability to go where I want to go and do what I want to do is priceless. 
  • Knowledge about places and historical events that shaped the world
    • I never enjoyed history class in school. But going to those places and seeing it in person is so much more interesting. I enjoy learning about it in this way. And, it makes me feel connected to the past. 
  • Faith that there is more good in this world than evil
    • Sometimes, it’s easy to believe there are no good people left in this world. Just turn on the television or open the internet and see all the bad news flood your screen. But, actually meeting nice people from around the world helps to restore my faith in humanity.
  • Finding myself
    • Sometimes it just takes getting away from everything familiar for me to realize what I want in life. It helps me to discover who I am when sometimes I’m not sure anymore.
  • Eases anxiety and depression
    • I can certainly attest to the fact that I am usually not depressed or anxious when I’m on vacation.  And I usually feel pretty good for quite a while after I get back and the trip is still fresh in my mind. 

I believe that travel is an important part of life. Even if you can only do small getaways, it can help to refresh you and make you feel like a whole new person. I want to use my blog to share my travel experiences and hopefully, provide some tips to make your traveling life easier and more pleasurable. 

Please leave me a comment on any topics you would like for me to cover or if you have any questions or comments about my post. I would love to hear from you! Happy travels!

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  • Linda

    I have enjoyed your site very much. My husband and I are looking forward to traveling soon. We are interested in visiting HaHa Tonka State Park in the Missouri Ozarks. I would like to find other adventures nearby before we begin planning our road trip.

    • Faraway Dreams

      Thank you, Linda! I’m glad you and your husband are planning to travel soon. It can do so much for you mentally and physically. I hope you enjoy your travels! Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon!

    • Faraway Dreams

      Hi Travel Addicted Unicorn! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think when we travel, we become better people, because we see things from other perspectives than just those we have been exposed to. The world is so large, I know I’ll never get to see every bit of it, but I’m sure going to try to see as much as I can. I hope you get to enjoy as much of this world as you can also! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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